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Suzhou Longquan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is the Taiwan East China Power Technology Co., Ltd. East China branch, sales of "Taiwan-EU rights" brand roller cam indexing units, the European rights, Taiwan sub-plate, turntable and to provide pre-sale and after- And other technical services. Roller cam mechanism indexing plate is designed to meet the machining requirements of high speed and high precision, representing the leading technology of today's mechanical transmission and high-speed precision indexing.

Company culture

Business purpose: Matilda specifications Atsuyuki

Honesty: internal honest, honest and trustworthy

Customer first: customer interests first, for the sake of customers, customers and more work

Contact us

Suzhou Longquan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact: Dujing Li


QQ: 370596910


Add:Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province Shuishiu Road 1911 Yuhua Science Park




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